My Thighs Have Never Felt This Good!

Hello my beauties! It has probably come to your attention that we are currently enjoying the hottest week of the year so far. But as much we would love to toss aside the leggings in favour of floaty dresses, many of us will be fighting against the dreaded chub rub this summer. Well, stop walking like John Wayne ladies, relief is here in a little red tube. Vevina* is a new friction protection cream for all kinds of uncomfortable situations and I was kindly sent some recently to try out.

At first glance it simply looks like a moisturising cream. I was expecting a gel or balm, so with a little skepticism, I rubbed a generous amount on my inner legs and set off on an almighty 6 minute walk. (Well I didn’t want to push my luck on the first try did I?) I came home with no red skin and absolutely no pain. Ay caramba, it worked!

I’ve slowly built up my confidence in this product and it’s been something of a summer saver for me. My thunder thighs have never felt so free! Vevina leaves no oily or sticky residue, it’s silky smooth to apply and the packaging is discreet enough to be kept in your handbag. What’s more is that it’s not just for thighs-It’ll fight any of your chaffing battles for you. Armpit and bra not getting on? Pow! Underboob rubbing? Bosh! Belly overhang giving you a hard time? Thwack! Sorted.

You get a generous amount in one tube. I don’t think you’ll need more than one this season so it’s well worth the excellent value of £9 and you can buy it here.