Tiny Takeover: Outfit 1

Hey lovelies! Thank you for all the kind words about this blog challenge. I’ve had such great feedback and it’s the most fun I’ve had with fashion for a long time.

Just to recap, the purpose of the Tiny Takeover Week is to allow my 3 year old complete control over what I wear, just as I’ve had final say in what he wears for almost 4 years. So… How did Tiny do? See for yourselves!

First thing he picked out was the dress. He’s always been drawn to this one so it wasn’t a great surprise. It coordinates pretty well with the hair colour he chose for me too! (More on that later.)

After he chose the dress Tiny found me a pair of leggings. He’s loved skeletons ever since we introduced him to Nightmare Before Christmas so these leggings were a no brainer and neither was the necklace! What 3 year old doesn’t love Christmas and gingerbread men?

To top it off we have the spangliest rainbow shoes ever (that I own), giving this Fruity Christmassy Halloween outfit a bit of sparkle.

I felt awkwardly brilliant wearing such mismatched items and I am really looking forward to the next outfit!